How Does Working With a CEO Coach Help You as a Leader?

Wondering how you might benefit from working with an experienced executive coach?

This is Part 4 of our case study interview with John Maier, President and CEO of Blue Microphones.

In this video, John describes how his role has shifted as the company has grown rapidly and how working with CEO Coach Brian Oken helped him get through that transition more easily.

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Brian’s been a big impact, partly because, as our company has changed, my role has changed. 

So… imagine, seven years ago we were twenty employees and one tenth of our sales, so it was kind of a hallway management mentality. And I was more doing than leading and managing.

And so as we got bigger, a lot more talent came in the building, we’ve got an amazing team, I started to find myself shifting, like… What is my role now?

And I really tried to pull out of the doing, and I found myself getting in everybody’s way. And Brian helped me kind of transition to… Well, what is my role?

And it really became more of a strategy role, more of a Chief Sales Officer role, a team building role, as opposed to a “I need to approve every little detail of every little department.”

So he really kind of coached me through that process, and it’s definitely helped me make it through that transition much more smoothly, I think, than I would have without him.

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