Consultant and Executive Coach to CEOs and Business Owners

CEOs and Business Owners work with me to create great places to work and grow their company  –  particularly when it comes to generating higher levels of profitability and creating high performing management teams.

Typically, business owners and CEOs engage our firm when…

  • Companies want to take their sales and profit performance to new levels, especially when they’re looking for new ideas and ways to innovate, using proven approaches and effective tools.
  • The company’s growing quickly, there are lots of options and opportunities, and the CEO needs a roadmap to stay focused on what’s most important to growing earnings.
  • Outside investors or PE firms require or recommend strategic planning for their portfolio companies.
  • Results aren’t what they should be and the company isn’t living up to its potential.
  • Management team members aren’t hitting their targets: there’s a pattern of delayed or unfinished projects, products don’t get released on time and budgets are routinely missed.


The Commitment to Profitable Growth – a comprehensive solution to accelerate profitable sales growth & align executive teams:

  • Annual strategic planning facilitation (2 days)
  • 3 Quarterly (1/2 day) plan review meetings
  • 11 monthly strategic reviews with management team
  • Role and Responsibility development for executive team
  • Team performance assessments
  • Meetings with executive team and outside advisors, as needed
  • Monthly CEO coaching sessions

The Manager’s Connection

Additional individualized options:

  • Annual and Quarterly Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Individualized CEO Coaching Programs
  • Vistage Peer Groups

Speaking: Achieving Transformational Profitability

  • Book Brian to speak to your group of CEOs and Business Owners to “Connect The Intent To Get Somewhere With The Process To Actually Make It Happen.” Brian shows business owners and CEOs how to accelerate profitable growth, align the team from top to bottom and integrate long term thinking into day to day activities.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying About Working With Me:

karencaplan300x300“I’m always amazed at his penetrating questions – always seeming to get us to the real issue quickly. The performance of the company he ran was impressive. He knows how to streamline an organization while creating a strong team spirit. That’s what makes Brian an awesome executive coach. He’s actually done the job himself. And he was very good at it.”

Karen Caplan | Frieda’s


Here’s What One Client Said to Me During His Planning Event:

dudley300x300“You know, I never would have entertained that last idea if I had been leading the meeting. I would have squashed it right out of the gate. And whether or not we decide to pursue it, just having that discussion really opened up my mind. I immediately started thinking of all sorts of new ideas and possibilities for our business. That just wouldn’t have happened without you. So thank you for that.”

Dudley De Zonia | Royal Truck Body

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