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Vistage Los AngelesVISTAGE: A leading, global CEO Membership Organization

  • 21,096 Members
  • 12,411 Meetings per year
  • 1,841 Cities
  • 801 Member Industries
  • 2 CEO groups in Los Angeles chaired by Brian Oken

I’m the Chair of two Vistage CEO groups in the Los Angeles area.

Vistage is the world’s leading Business Owner and CEO peer group organization with over 20,000 members in 16 countries. Successful business owners and CEOs join Vistage because they value continuous learning and because they want better results. They want to know how other successful business leaders are dealing with similar issues, to have a place where they can test ideas and overcome obstacles. They want to make the most of opportunities, improve their decisions and develop better leadership skills.

I was a member of Vistage myself for 17 years prior to becoming a Los Angeles Vistage Chair. Vistage helped me as a CEO and President grow the businesses I was responsible for in sales, profits and cash. Moreover, Vistage helped me grow both personally and professionally.

A 2015 analysis showed that companies who joined Vistage over the past five years grew at three times the rate of average U.S. companies. (Source: Dun & Bradstreet, 2009-2014).

There’s a simple reason why more than 20,000 executive leaders worldwide are active in Vistage. Members achieve lasting results because Vistage works.

Of course, Vistage isn’t a fit for everyone, and if it’s not for you, that’s OK. But if you’re looking for a way to get some valuable perspective on your business and make better decisions, this could be a great solution for you.

How Vistage Helps You Get Better Results:

An example: A member of mine, an owner of a medium sized business, came to a group meeting very frustrated. He had a list of 15 must-dos and couldn’t come to a decision on the priority of each item. Together with group members, we spent an afternoon working with him on various outcomes and came to an agreement on a recommended course of action. As a result of this group experience and clarifying his priorities, his business grew by over 24%.

Member Testimonial:

nils_rasmussen“When I joined Vistage, our business was just coming into its own. Since then, I’ve learned how to better run meetings, ask better questions, and we implemented new processes that have resulted in our business growing 55% in the past 4 years. Being in Vistage is like taking a PhD for business owners and has helped elevate the game of business to the next level.”

Nils H. Rasmussen, CEOSolver USA

 Vistage Master Chair Recommendation:

“Brian has been an outstanding member of Vistage. His contributions to his fellow CEO members have been enormous. His valuable business insights into strategic planning, sales, marketing, operations and finance have enabled us all to learn from his expertise. Brian has consistently been willing to give of himself in terms of time and knowledge for the benefit of others. He is truly an accomplished CEO who has demonstrated intelligence and excellent judgement throughout his business career.”

Steve Elson, Vistage Master Chair

“Brian has a rich history of over 20 years as a CEO and advisor to CEOs helping grow numerous organizations.”

jason-batemanOn top of that experience, he was a 17-year member of Vistage. That CEO and Vistage member experience has groomed him well for launching, growing and running Vistage groups. Brian is very empathetic, carefrontational, assertive and a great listener, which make him a superb facilitator, coach and Chair!”

Jason Bateman, Vistage Regional Executive

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