CEO Coach & Strategy Consulting

CEOs and Business Owners work with me to increase the effectiveness of their leadership  –  particularly when it comes to generating higher levels of profitability and creating high performing management teams.

Typically, I’m brought in when…

  • Companies want to take their sales and profit performance to new levels, especially when they’re looking for new ideas and ways to innovate, using proven approaches and effective tools.
  • The company’s growing quickly, there are lots of options and opportunities, and the CEO needs a 3-5 year roadmap to stay focused on what’s most important to growing profitability.
  • Outside investors or PE firms require or recommend strategic planning for their portfolio companies.
  • Results aren’t what they should be and the company isn’t living up to its potential.
  • Management team members aren’t hitting their targets: there’s a pattern of delayed or unfinished projects, products don’t get released on time and missed budgets.

My expertise is primarily in the following segments:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • E-Commerce
  • Industrial
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Family Owned Businesses

My Approach: Real world, practical solutions and a concrete plan to help you get where you want to go.

I don’t have a set agenda or a cookie cutter approach that I use with my clients. I take the time to learn about your particular needs as a leader as well as the unique needs of your business before I offer you a solution.

But make no mistake, after just a few sessions, I’ll be able to get to the heart of what you need to focus on to achieve your goals and how you can lead your management team more effectively. And unlike many other management consultants out there, as a former CEO myself, I’ve actually been in your shoes. I know what it takes to be successful.

Here’s What One Client Had to Say About Working With Me:

karencaplan300x300“I’m always amazed at his penetrating questions – always seeming to get us to the real issue quickly. The performance of the company he ran was impressive. He knows how to streamline an organization while creating a strong team spirit. That’s what makes Brian an awesome executive coach. He’s actually done the job himself. And he was very good at it.”

Karen Caplan | Frieda’s

Strategic Consulting: New Ideas and Breakthroughs

Do you facilitate your own strategic planning sessions or offsites with your management team?

Many business owners and CEOs choose to do so, either to save money or because they don’t really see the value in bringing in a professional facilitator. But there are problems with the DIY approach to planning and you should be aware of them.

When business owners or CEOs choose to lead their own planning or strategy sessions, it’s very common for them to steer the conversation in a particular direction, sometimes intentionally, other times without even recognizing they are doing so. This can have a dramatic effect on the kinds of discussions you have with your team.

Another common problem: More aggressive individuals can take over the meeting, dominating and intimidating others from sharing new ideas or contrary opinions. As a result, some ideas may never be thoroughly evaluated or even discussed at all – and these very discussions can prove to be incredibly valuable to planning outcomes.

When you’re working with me, this won’t happen. No one person will dominate and you’ll be challenged to thoroughly consider a variety of options and possible strategies before proceeding. Even better – you won’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts of actually facilitating your own planning event. You can sit back and participate with the rest of your team.

This kind of balanced approach can lead to breakthrough results for your company.

Here’s What One Client Said to Me During His Planning Event:

dudley300x300“You know, I never would have entertained that last idea if I had been leading the meeting. I would have squashed it right out of the gate. And whether or not we decide to pursue it, just having that discussion really opened up my mind. I immediately started thinking of all sorts of new ideas and possibilities for our business. That just wouldn’t have happened without you. So thank you for that.”

Dudley De Zonia | Royal Truck Body

If you continue down the road you’re on…

  • Are you confident in your abilities as a leader to stay focused and be able to manage results through your team?
  • Will you have the cash you need to reinvest in your company, pursue new opportunities and attract the best people?
  • What about your personal needs? Are you already tapped out – both emotionally and physically?

If you need to grow profitability and you’re ready for some support, let’s talk.

You can contact me here.

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