Current year goals are great, but do you need to find a longer term strategy to grow your business?


We focus exclusively on helping CEOs plan for the future so they can accelerate profitable growth and build enterprise value.

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Hi, I’m Brian Oken. I’m a CEO Coach & Strategy Consultant.

I help business owners and CEOs increase the enterprise value of their companies.

Brian Oken
Prior to opening my own firm, I was a CEO myself for 20 years, so I understand the pressure you’re under to generate higher returns.

Certainly, it would be much easier if we could implement all our ideas and pursue every opportunity we’re presented with, but the fact is that every CEO deals with constraints, increased complexity and limited resources.

Work with me to grow the value of your company and you’ll walk away with a clear vision, well thought out, focused strategies to help you achieve your goals and a plan to make it all happen. Let’s turn that vision for success into reality!

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